What's the best way to get the most from your membership? A committee!

If you are looking for ways to beef up your visibility in Texas Women in Business, consider joining a committee!  This will keep you connected to everything going on, and sets up you to be a leader in the organization.  We have a lot of opportunities to get involved depending on what your strengths are and what you are interested in learning.  


The Texas Women In Business Ambassador Team is a volunteer group of women in business that serve as the liaison between the TWIB board and its members. The purpose of this Team is to enhance member relations, participate in the community and TWIB sponsored events, and be active in TWIB’s growth. Email Joyce Stephen for more information.


Our goal is to provide educational programs, tools and resources to help Texas Women In Business Members improve their knowledge, skills and abilities as they relate to work and their personal life.  If you would like to be a speaker or a coach, please reach out to us as well!  We would love to hear from you!  Email Paula Ann Pitifer for information!


We create and implement great networking events and plan conferences to further develop and promote the positive impact of women in business. We inspire and encourage networking through monthly happy hours, luncheons and conferences.  We are looking for a Board Member for this position! 


Our job is to make sure everyone knows how amazing Texas Women in Business is!  If you have never done any marketing before, we want to talk to you!  If you are a seasoned pro, we really want to talk to you too!  We can come up with solutions to see how to spread the word on this awesome organization that helps so many women in Texas!  Email Meredith Guthrie for more information on this fabulous experience.


As the name suggests, we work to cultivate and retain our members by finding out what they want to see out of Texas Women in Business, and working with the other committees to implement programs and procedures that benefit our members.  This is a fun opportunity to meet lots of people!  Email Cathy Galbraith for more information!


The Fundraising Committee works to secure vendors, sponsors, and partners to benefit the organization as a whole as well as those groups who help fund us.  Email Cynthia Southerland for information.


Giving back is a big part of Texas Women in Business, so we work to make sure that our projects and fundraising is taken care of.  If helping the community is where you would like to apply yourself, email Michelle Goerdel!


Our Programs Committee is in charge of arranging the speakers and panels that serve as our keynote speakers at the monthly luncheon.  We survey topics of interest and find references for those people we think would serve our members well. Email Kelly Seigler for more information about this exciting opportunity.