Couldn't make to the luncheon? Here's what you missed:

We had such an amazing time last week meeting Margo Wickersham!  She has a long track record of sales and marketing success, and we were so fortunate to be able to pick her brain and get so much useful information!  Margo had some great tips for asking for the sale!  

Building a relationship is key when establishing a rapport that could lead to a sale!  Remember to R.A.I.S.E!

  • Respect the prospect.
  • Ask questions to discover their wants, needs, and fears
  • Identify  a recognized solution for their problem
  • Show, don't tell so a customer can experience the value
  • Enquire.  Ask for the sale!


There was so much more to what Margo talked about, and her Q&A session was wonderful!  We look forward to seeing Margo again!  

Next month is the Health Fair, so if you are interested in participating let us know!  See you soon!