A new year for Texas Women in Business

Welcome to 2017 TWIBers and, yes – it is going to be a great year! For six and a half years we have been building this organization together, laying the foundation, getting systems in place so we could take TWIB to the next level. Are you ready?

Here we go!

At our annual TWIB Board retreat we focused on the Purpose of TWIB; Building Relationships, Building Business, Building Community. Makes sense right? We all want to build relationships, whether it’d be for business or creating new friendships. Which leads to building business, which leads to being involved/giving back/serving in the community. Which in turn builds relationships, which builds business, which builds community…you get the idea.

Our three pillars for 2017 are: Increase, Expansion, Finance

Increase: In 2016 we had just over 80 new members join so we are now 300+ active members strong, our goal for 2017 is to increase our membership base to 375. With our growing membership base we get fresh new ideas, great feedback and discover new ways to serve!

Expansion: For years we’ve had other cities ask if they could open a chapter of TWIB. Currently, we have interest from Lubbock, Houston and Dallas. We know it will take a little time but this is the year we will start the process!

Finance: To always be financially solvent and to continue to give quarterly to underserved non-profits whose focus are women and children.

Join us. We need your input and ideas. Together we will create a legacy that will have an impact for generations to come. This organization started from scratch to help women connect, build their business and give back in bigger and better ways.

Yep, we’re just a bunch of ‘Ordinary Women doing Extraordinary Things and Changing the World.”